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Welcome, Introduction & Chair's Notes





Digital Transformation & Change Management
How to bring the company together through cohesive digital solutions, and creating a fully digital customer journey. The story so far: change management and driving organisational change through the office of finance. 

Michael Kreeft,







How The CFO Can Drive Transformation 

Business Transformation is the combination of Culture, People and Technology.
It's not a technology deep dive. It's not just about migrating your infrastructure to the cloud to achieve cost reductions and efficiency. The real goal and prize is developing new, modern ways of working. It’s about adopting 21st century working practices & developing a culture of innovation, agility & speed. It's also about enabling you to prioritise & focus on what differentiates you;
build what differentiates you, buy or partner for what does not.
We'll be discussing:
- Accelerating business challenges driving appetite for digital transformation. 
- Discussing Amazon’s journey to-date. 
- Most importantly we will talk about "the enterprise of the future". 
- How we can go about building a modern digital business.

Jonathan Smare,

Finance Leader, Enterprise Transformation 

Networking & Coffee





Transformation + Leadership

Driving Change At Rolls-Royce 

Corporate restructuring can be a hard but necessary part of a corporation's evolution. Once a company gets to a certain size or age, it can be easy for the employees to forget that the point of the business is ultimately to make money. As a company ages and evolves, the need for restructuring is essential to its very future. However, in order to make any kind of significant change to a multinational which will stick long-term, the key often lies in changing the fundamental culture of the organization. 

Declan Guerin, 

Group Restructuring Officer



Delivering Technology-enabled Financial Controls & Analytic Value Across The Business
Hyperion Insurance are highly acquisitive, geographically dispersed and growing fast.  Operating a federated model with an entrepreneurial spirit they needed to invest in a next generation finance and EPM platform to:
- Drive controls and compliance from top to bottom of the organisation
- Deliver analytic value across the business
- Standardise processes and workflows across the end-to-end of financial close and reporting
- Provide an organic, extensible platform for growth

Andy George,

Finance Change 

Hyperion Insurance Group


Transformation + Leadership

Finance: Skills For The Future 

Finance functions are facing new and ever-changing challenges and their approach to these needs to be different from the past. We see more change, and more swirl than ever before, yet at the same time the fundamentals of a good finance function remain the same. This includes both what finance functions are doing, their use of technology and the skills required by finance professionals of the future. Now, more than ever, Finance needs to be ‘In the Business’! A changing landscape also highlights the need for a more inclusive and diverse finance function with the breadth of skills and viewpoints critical to succeeding in the future world.

Mike Clark,


Coca-Cola European Partners


How To Get Finance Fit For The Future 

Presenting the journey of finance transformation at AstraZeneca; what can we understand & learn from both the challenges and opportunities offered through large transformation programmes, and how can we make the finance function fit for the future. 

Kabir Patel,

Director, Finance Transformation





Increasing Financial Intelligence: How To Create Time For Strategic Analysis  

As the remit of the modern office of the CFO has broadened to encompass both guide and governance responsibilities, this has required spending less time on traditional (often manual) reporting, planning and closing processes, and more time on analysis to uncover and share strategic insights and drive the business forward. Increasing the level of financial intelligence in this way is characteristic of how best in class finance teams operate. Underpinning all of this is the need for data. Financial data is growing in volume and complexity, and is increasingly spread across a range of point solutions, where it isn’t connected and so loses context. While business intelligence tools may address this need for many departments, finance is an exception. Finance is different. Financial data is different. So, finance needs different tools. Join us for this session, to explore this in more detail and to discover:
- The reporting challenges facing finance
- Why traditional tools don’t help organisations reach a higher level of financial intelligence
- 4 considerations when choosing reporting technology for finance 

John Brooks,

Director, Joint Ventures


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How Can You Scale Your FP&A so It Is Ready For Rapid Change?In todays fast paced environment, it is crucial to prepare your business for whatever may be around the corner. How can you be ready? Finance is at the forefront of business decisions, so a flexible, scalable solution is key. Hear how Ricardo transformed their FP&A into a process that ensures they are prepared for rapid change. 

Matthew Fawbert,

Head of FP&A




Elimination Of Inter-company Markup From Profitability Reporting In A Simple & Cost-effective Way 

Report true product costs just at the point of 3rd party sale after factoring in all true external costs but no inter-company profits. Report true product profitability excluding any inter-company profits (itemised) for key business decisions making. Ascertain the impact of profit on inventory accurately, which is quite a task in period ends, especially for group reporting. 

Sourav Auddy, 

Director, Supply Chain Finance





Reporting & Catalyzing Change From The Finance Seat 

There aren't many large challenger banks out there, and at Revolut we take a greenfield approach. We'll be discussing an innovative approach to reporting not seen at other banks. Discussing how the business differentiates itself from the industry. 

Alexander Bratz,

Director, Head of Regulatory Reporting



Transformation + Leadership 

Finance Transformation, Automation & Digitalisation  

Discussing the journey that Hitachi have been on to-date - transforming the finance function. Implementation of new automation programmes and how we've embarked upon digital transformation of the finance function (and wider business). 

Guillaume de Pommereau,


Hitachi Europe



How To Add More Value To The Business

Finance business partnering become vital to most of organizations especially under competitive pressure and in the current economic environment. The major role to make it successful belongs to CFO with great support of CEO. Unsound decision making can cost up to 3% of profit for big companies. How to add value and  drive business performance - the question to be answered! 

Maria Koliago, 

Director, Finance

Reckitt Benckiser




From PDFs to Self-serve Analytics 

Do you have an array of spreadsheets to produce standard reporting?  Are you struggling to be agile enough to change underlying processes to meet the business demands for insight?  Finding that your current spreadsheets are lacking integrity due to the volume of data and calculations?  Over the last 3 years Carnival UK’s Finance MI function have migrated from a static spreadsheet based reporting environment to enabling 300 users in 5 countries with Self Service Reporting and Analytics capability, allowing end users to see and understand their data faster, with greater governance and integrity, and if a way that works for them.This presentation will give an overview the delivery of the programme, demonstrate the benefits realised, and offer insight into the key learnings for anyone else considering implementing a BI and analytics tool.

Gary Collins,

Director, Reporting

Carnival UK



Your Journey With Change Management 

Optimisation projects on both a large and small scale not only impact your processes and technology, but also your team. A project management plan transforms your technologies and processes, but an integrated change management plan supports your teams through the transformation. Change management is a structured and intentional plan to support people through change as part of a transformation journey. We will discuss how to integrate a change management methodology into your project plan in order to prepare and support individuals through the changes to their jobs, as well as to ensure that employees adopt, use, and optimise the change being introduced.
Josh Lewis,  

Solutions Consultant



Transformation + Leadership 

How To Lead A Successful Career Transition 
With senior executives changing roles every 18 months on average, many high achieving leaders end up damaging their career progression after failing to meet expectation in their new assignment. Unfortunately, too many organizations don't have structured transition programs to support their leaders during such critical period. In this presentation, I will share practical strategies and tips that will help participants be successful in their new roles from day one. 

Maxime Yao, 


Otis Elevator

Networking & Lunch




Workshop - The Future of Finance Reporting – Learn about key differentiators of Integration, Workflow Reporting and Marketplace. Understand how these features facilitates all aspects of the modern finance reporting requirements including Financial Consolidation, FP&A, Risk and Analytics.


Workshop - Getting Your Executives on Board with Accounting Transformation. 

For accounting and finance teams, securing budget for technology can be a tall task. A compelling and robust business case is a critical requirement to starting a transformation, and it shouldn't be overlooked. In this session, we'll review how financial close solutions deliver value for customers and how you can best demonstrate that value to gain executive approval and support.

Josh Lewis,

Solutions Consultant, BlackLine


Workshop - Unlocking Tomorrow's AP Opportunity, Today. Every company has Accounts Payable (AP), but not every AP department provides strategic value to the company. Whether through under-resourcing, inefficient paper-based processes, or dealing with complex legacy IT systems, AP may find itself spending much of its time on data entry and resolving escalations. As a result, many business leaders view AP as a transactional function. With the right investments in people, process, and technology, however, the AP department can vastly improve efficiency and even become a strategic business lever for the company.



Workshop - Make The F In FP&A Stand For Flexibility. FP&A processes need to be flexible. They need to deliver strategic plans over extended time horizons, detailed annual budgets leveraging multiple budgeting approaches as well as accurate and timely forecasting cycles, driving all the necessary reporting and insight. These processes are generally complex due to multiple, dissimilar divisions operating in different industries and different geographies, whilst contending with localised complexity. So how do finance harmonise FP&A for diverse groups ensuring governance, control and visibility across all FP&A cycles? Whilst also providing disparate business units the flexibility to meet their diverse FP&A requirements with all the modern FP&A utilities, reporting & analysis? Find out in this workshop session.

Alex Stevens, 




Workshop - Elevate Your Board Level Reporting. Are you stuck with dull static PDF board packs that go on page, after page, after page? How much time do directors waste trying to find the key information they need ahead of a board meeting? If you are ready to bring your board pack into the 21st century, join us for this session to discover how you can transform, dull static tables of numbers into rich, interactive storyboards, with guided analysis and commentary, making it easy for you to tell your financial story and to help board members hone in on key areas and get the answers they need. Join us for this presentation and demonstration to discover:
- How to visualize financial data & metrics the way C-level executives want to see it
- How to tell a story with your numbers and guide board members through a narrative
- Examples of common reports and dashboards from our best practice library

Alex Verlaan,

Team Lead 


Networking & Dessert & Coffee



Fiscal Technologies

Transformation + Leadership 

Panel Session (60 mins) 

Hear how CFOs and senior finance executives can harness technology-driven transformation to deliver greater business insights, efficiency & innovation during this demanding digital era. How can today’s finance leaders ensure they are at the forefront of digital transformation? How can finance leaders drive better performance management & business outcomes?



Panel Discussion - Connected Finance: Driving Strategy and Transformation 

Competitive constraints are forcing organisations to be increasingly agile and flexible, able to pivot to exploit efficiencies, grow organically and by acquisition, and divest lines of business. The office of the CFO is central to formulating and executing the strategy. In this panel discussion, learn how the CFO is uniquely positioned to transition to a more strategic focus and achieve more sustainable value creation across the organisation in the digital era.


Networking & Coffee





FP&A + Partnering 

The Role Of FP&A In The Wider Finance Organisation 

FP&A is a broad topic and the role of FP&A can mean different things in different businesses and even in different parts of a business. Depending on the role of the FP&A function within an organisation, engagement with other parts of the finance team and broader organisation will need to differ. I will share my experiences on these different roles and how they impact how the FP&A function engages with different parts of the business.

Tristan Phillips,

Head of Finance 

Marks & Spencer

16:50 - 18:00

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