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How to Transition Your Finance Team From Number Crunchers to Business Partners 
In this session we'll be discussing: the advantages of centralising your finance team (& the risks of it), how to define the core values delivered by your teams, and how to strike a balance between being supportive & being persistent with your board. 
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Driving Change & Change Management 
Corporate restructuring can be a hard but necessary part of a corporation's evolution. Once a company gets to a certain size or age, it can be easy for the employees to forget that the point of the business is ultimately to make money. As a company ages and evolves, the need for restructuring is essential to its very future. However, in order to make any kind of significant change to a multinational which will stick long-term, the key often lies in changing the fundamental culture of the organization. 
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The Role of the CFO: Finance Agility in the Digital Business Transformation 
Hear how CFOs and senior finance executives can harness technology-driven transformation to deliver greater business insights, efficiency & innovation during this demanding digital era. How can today’s finance leaders ensure they are at the forefront of digital transformation? How can finance leaders drive better performance management & business outcomes? 
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Finance: Skills For The Future 
Finance functions are facing new and ever-changing challenges and their approach to these needs to be different from the past. We see more change, and more swirl than ever before, yet at the same time the fundamentals of a good finance function remain the same. This includes both what finance functions are doing, their use of technology and the skills required by finance professionals of the future. Now, more than ever, Finance needs to be ‘In the Business’! A changing landscape also highlights the need for a more inclusive and diverse finance function with the breadth of skills and viewpoints critical to succeeding in the future world.
Transformation + Leadership

How CFOs Can Make Every Business a ‘People Business’
Businesses such as law firms, accountancy practices, architects and other consultancies are the sort of ‘people business where the assets really do go home at night. Partners, directors and other senior experts often have a real vested interest in how their firm is run and how it’s financially managed. Communication between finance and stakeholders is crucial.
But why shouldn’t the same be true for every business? How can finance bring about a culture where everyone feels connected with the business and fully invested in its success? 

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Aligning Your Company Missions
Making sure your company’s mission is delivered & met is imperative. During this presentation we’ll focus on how decision-making within the finance function impacts the wider organisation & how you can influence and impact your company’s mission through strategic financial control.
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Finance Transformation, Automation & Digitalisation  
Discussing the journey that we have been on to-date - transforming the finance function. Implementation of new automation programs and how we've embarked upon digital transformation of the finance function (and wider business) during these turbulent times. 
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Business Partnering – Giving Finance A Voice
Business partnering has become one of those topical buzz terms that is actually so generic and nebulous that the real prospective value can be lost unless we have the right foundations in place. One party’s willingness to business partner is not going to make the partnership happen. Here I will share some of the key aspects of my 20 yrs experience in moving from being perceived purely as an Accountant to a Business Partner whose counsel and input are integral to many of the key decisions, which can ultimately lead to us being the catalyst for positive change in non-core finance and ops areas.
FP&A + Business Partnering

Tips for Every CFO in a Post-pandemic World 
In this session we'll be discussing four key tips for every CFO to apply as we move out of this pandemic and prepare for a new era of work as the role of the CFO expands within companies. Talking points include: 
- (When to) analyze, process, then re-analyze the data 
- (How to) understand the real power of forecasting 
- (Where to) constantly learn & be curious 
- (Who to) listen to and single out in the sea of information

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Reporting & Catalyzing Change From The Finance Seat 
We'll be discussing an innovative approach to reporting not seen at other banks. Discussing how the business differentiates itself from the industry, and what we're doing to continually keep ahead of the competition through times of rapid technological transformation. 
FP&A + Transformation

The Strategic CFO 
CEOs and boards increasingly want CFOs to not only deliver a finance organization that gets the numbers right, but also partner with them in shaping the company’s strategy. But when asked what they want from a strategic CFO, their answers vary widely. We'll be discussing four orientations CFOs can use in engaging in the strategy process. 
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Attracting Top Talent: A CFOs Perspective 
The finance function has been front and center in helping organizations navigate the business upheaval of the past year-plus. While the dust hasn’t exactly settled, many CFOs are starting to focus more on the future. That includes thinking about what kind of skill sets and experience they need to recruit in the rapidly emerging recovery, and where and how to secure that talent. We'll be discussing how to go about this. 
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