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Welcome, Introduction & Chair's Notes

Guy Strafford,

EVP, Market Engagement


Finance As A Strategic Business Partner
Building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to become a more effective leader. Interpreting, explaining and driving performance within the organization. Influencing & supporting key operational decisions. Providing analysis & insight to support strategic decisions. Uncovering key business planning and forecasting opportunities.

Chris Beetge,

CFO, Cocoa

Anand Saboo,

VP, Finance

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Connected Reporting & Compliance 

The difference between a connected organization and an unconnected one is night and day. An intelligent system of work is needed that allows organizations to connect data whenever and wherever it is and allows that data to be worked on in familiar interfaces (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), while maintaining total data integrity. Instead of sacrificing data integrity when key reports and documents are assembled, data integrity is actually improved, transparency is established, and trust is advanced. This is connected to reporting and compliance, and it's sure to revolutionize the way work is done in your organization. 

Andromeda Wood,

Sr Director, Data Modelling

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Digitalisation & The Finance Skills Revolution 

Digitalisation is fast becoming all pervasive across businesses - ranging from operational effectiveness and revenue generation to the increasing risk of cyber and security breaches. In this talk, Kathryn Sherratt shall discuss how we are preparing for this change against the backdrop of McKinsey research which suggests robots could replace 800 million jobs by 2030. Through this, a ‘skills revolution’ could open a raft of opportunities according to the WEF with a focus on independent thinking, values and team work as the repetitive/routine is replaced even more by automation. 

Kathryn Sherratt,

Director, Finance

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FP&A Innovation Track

Transformation Track

Leadership Track



FP&A - Chair's Introduction 

Martin Watson,



Transformation - Chair's Introduction 

Guy Strafford,

EVP, Market Engagement


Leadership - Chair's Introduction 

Louise Pearce,




Business Partnering – Giving Finance A Voice 

Business partnering has become one of those topical buzz terms that is actually so generic and nebulous that the real prospective value can be lost unless we have the right foundations in place. One party’s willingness to business partner is not going to make the partnership happen. Here I will share some of the key aspects of my 20 yrs experience in moving from being perceived purely as an Accountant to a Business Partner whose counsel and input are integral to many of the key decisions, which can ultimately lead to us being the catalyst for positive change in non-core finance and ops areas.

Stewart Houston,

Executive Director, FP&A

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Finance Transformation: Using A New ERP As A Catalyst For Change 

ERP cannot be done in isolation, it needs to consider the business operating model, processes, organisation wide enablers (e.g. master data) and dovetail with other transformations which may be occurring in parallel (in HR, IT or within business lines). 

Will James,

Director, Global Business Services


Driving Change At Rolls-Royce 

Corporate restructuring can be a hard but necessary part of a corporation's evolution. Once a company gets to a certain size or age, it can be easy for the employees to forget that the point of the business is ultimately to make money. As a company ages and evolves, the need for restructuring is essential to its very future. However, in order to make any kind of significant change to a multinational which will stick long-term, the key often lies in changing the fundamental culture of the organization.

Declan Guerin, 

Group Restructuring Officer



Catalyzing Change From The Finance Seat 

How to successfully conduct financial transformation whilst promoting innovation within your global finance team(s).How to keep your finance function progressive and adopting a “growth mindset”. 

Matt Cannon,

Sr Manager, Finance, The Gym Group

Samuel Ndebele,

Solutions Consultant


Financial Transformation

Finance Transformation has always been a hot topic, but how can you be the change you want to see in your company? Learn from Anglian Water and CCH Tagetik and the transformation journey they are on. 

Jonathan Forster, 

Head of Planning, Anglian Water

Patrick Nicholas, 

Account Director, Tagetik


Employee Engagement & its Potential Effect on the Bottom Line 

A presentation discussing how efforts to driving improvements in employee engagement have effected bottom line results and how finance can act as an enabler of this change.

Hugh Watchorn, 



Fireside Discussion: Creating Value Through Insight 

Leverage financial planning & analysis to provide true business impact. Influence & support executives with data - guiding the organization through turbulent economic times.

Netsai Mangwende,

Head of Finance

A CFO Journey: Lessons Learned From A Finance Transformation 

The transformation journey of AllianzGI’s Finance function from 2013 till now. In particular he will share experience from the project ‘Capstone’ when AllianzGI outsourced a large of its Finance business processes and related IT applications to a partner in India. In addition he will speak about the changed requirements on the skills needed in Finance and what Allianz Global Investors is doing to attract and retain top talent in Finance.

Markus Kobler,

Global CFO

Doris Grieshaber,

Global Head of F&C Operations


Finance Transformation & The Cultural Change At Shelter

Sharing & discussing the successes experienced through people transformation, and the struggles being seen in how outdated systems & processes no longer fulfil the needs of the user. Discussing how we have transformed the finance function - changing the perception of the team; no longer are we "just accountants" but transformed into a service-focussed team supporting various business units. 

Tim Gutteridge,

Director, Finance



Planning To Win: Why The Foundation Of Business Agility Is Active Planning. 

Now more than ever, agility is the currency of success. Nothing we see in the marketplace today suggests that change is slowing, so companies aiming to thrive must gain the visibility to see what’s happening, the insight to form a strategic plan in response, the control to execute meaningful and coordinated action, and the tools necessary to measure the results. Hear the results of research on how planning impacts business performance with insights gained from CFOs, FP&A practitioners, and other thought leaders. 

Rob Douglas,  

Director, European Planning

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Driving Agility Through Intelligent Finance Transformation With SAP & BlackLine 

The digital economy is driving a new era of Finance and Accounting transformation. As resources and talent are constantly evolving, agility becomes the key to success. Leading Finance executives are driving intelligent transformation initiatives and their organisations are benefiting from their efforts. Join this session to understand how innovative CFOs are leveraging technology like SAP S/4HANA to strengthen collaboration, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. 

Josh Lewis,

Solutions Consultant, BlackLine

Suraj Shah,

Finance & Analytics Lead, SAP

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Are You Watching Or Driving Your Business?

Financial reports, charts and BI dashboards – regardless of how aesthetically pleasing they may be – are useless until they are converted into measurable impact by those accountable for taking action. Modern technology means we’re receiving more data than ever before and uncovering more insights than ever before.  However, without focus and prioritisation, insights get lost in spreadsheets. Without accountability, opportunities gather dust. Without measurement, businesses don’t learn the root causes of their successes. In his talk, Julian Mills, CEO of Quorso, talks about the need to move beyond Business Intelligence, towards Action-Driven Performance Management technology, which puts Finance at the very heart of driving growth and delivering profit.

Julian Mills, 


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Workshop - 3 Best practises to help you make your financial planning & analytics world-class.
Decisions can make or break a company. Now more than ever, the C-suite is looking to Finance for insight and leadership in anticipating and responding to change. Hear real-life examples of how digital technologies are reshaping finance’s forecasting, reporting and planning capabilities to generate deeper insights and stronger data-driven outcomes to enhance value for their organisations.

Rob Douglas,  

Director, European Planning


Workshop - What connected reporting and compliance can offer your team. Get to know the best practices to optimize the reporting process, increase data governance and meet regulatory and compliance needs. See connected reporting and compliance in action and understand why this revolutionizes the way work is done in your organization.

Chris McGuire,

Manager, Solutions Consultant

Workshop - Do you believe finance departments are flexible enough to react in the fast-changing world of today? How much time does your team spend on manual workarounds or work with no added value? How much time is spent on insight? These are all challenges Anaplan’s customers have faced and overcome. Join this interactive session for business leaders and influencers to understand the journey to Connected Planning. Come prepared to discuss your experiences and find out why Gartner has named Anaplan as a Leader in the 2019 Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions (CFP&AS) Magic Quadrant. 

Chris Ktorides,

Manager, Solutions 

Jonty Gethin,

Sr Solutions Consultant


Workshop - Your Journey to SAP S/4 HANA: Maximise Accounting and Finance Resources To Succeed. Is your company moving to SAP S/4HANA and evaluating process improvements?  Expertise and institutional knowledge are critical components of any successful digital transformation, and an SAP S/4HANA implementation is no different. SAP Account Reconciliation and Automation by Blackline has helped leading organisations dedicate as much as 70% of key resources’ time to their SAP S/4HANA upgrade. 

Josh Lewis,

Solutions Consultant, BlackLine

Suraj Shah,

Finance & Analytics Lead, SAP


Workshop - Bringing CPM to the boardroom: How you can leverage forecasting and reporting to make better informed business decisions with finance at the helm. Do you want the office of finance to be the key influencer of the future of your business? Join this discussion to learn how state of the art reporting and forecasting can increase collaboration within the boardroom and increase agility with decision making.

Ryan Loucks, 

CPM Practice Lead 



From PDFs to Self-serve Analytics 

Do you have an array of spreadsheets to produce standard reporting?  Are you struggling to be agile enough to change underlying processes to meet the business demands for insight?  Finding that your current spreadsheets are lacking integrity due to the volume of data and calculations?  Over the last 3 years Carnival UK’s Finance MI function have migrated from a static spreadsheet based reporting environment to enabling 300 users in 5 countries with Self Service Reporting and Analytics capability, allowing end users to see and understand their data faster, with greater governance and integrity, and if a way that works for them.This presentation will give an overview the delivery of the programme, demonstrate the benefits realised, and offer insight into the key learnings for anyone else considering implementing a BI and analytics tool.

Gary Collins,

Director, Reporting


Digital Transformation: Not Just About Embracing The Latest Technologies, But A Business need! 

Digital transformation has an impact on how people and businesses work. At Steelcase, our business leaders are increasingly demanding more from the Finance organisation in order to remain a leader in our industry, and our Finance organisation has to step up to the plate. Danny will share how Finance has adapted it’s strategy and share a few examples of how we’re using analytics and data visualisation to meet the business needs.

Danny Deprez,

Director, Finance

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The Role Of FP&A In The Wider Finance Organisation 

FP&A is a broad topic and the role of FP&A can mean different things in different businesses and even in different parts of a business. Depending on the role of the FP&A function within an organisation, engagement with other parts of the finance team and broader organisation will need to differ. I will share my experiences on these different roles and how they impact how the FP&A function engages with different parts of the business.

Tristan Phillips,

Head of Finance


Finance-function Leadership

Linking company culture to company performance, and how a great culture increases productivity, longevity & bottom-line performance. 

Erica Ingham,

CFO, North


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Panel Session - Future Proofing & Positioning for Growth 

Discussing the people, process & technology challenges senior finance executives face. How do we create a customer-centric business? How to identify & implement transformation solutions & ultimately, how finance gained a seat at the table to transform the business. How to plan for the future of finance & where the finance function sits in tomorrow's world. 

Roxanne Litynska,

CFO, CIB, Standard Bank

Tim Gutteridge,

Director, Finance, Shelter 

Tristan Phillips,

Head of Finance, O2

David Renton,

Director, Finance, Guy's & St Thomas'

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