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Finance as a Strategic Business Partner
Building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to become a more effective leader. Interpreting, explaining and driving performance within the organization. Influencing & supporting key operational decisions. Providing analysis & insight to support strategic decisions. Uncovering key business planning and forecasting opportunities.


Continuous Planning & Rolling Forecasts
Utilize rolling forecasts to adapt to dynamic business challenges & opportunities. Maximising continuous “driver based” forecasting to keep your planning current & accurate. Analyze, interpret and integrate rolling forecast processes across the organization. Link the forecast to strategic & operational decisions.


Next Generation Finance
Finance groups all want to “transform” into a strategic partner with a “seat at the table”. This talk discusses exactly what that means, and the value of meaningful transformation to the business. Discover new techniques & tools available to transform into a forward-looking predictive powerhouse.  


Funding Innovation for Growth: A CFO’s Perspective
Leveraging new technologies for growth has become all-prevailing across the C-suite today, including the office of the CFO. Hear a peer-to-peer perspective of how CFOs can assist the board room to accelerate technological transformation & funding innovations with alternative funding approaches rather than capital.

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FP&A Sessions

Financial Transformation Sessions


FP&A - Collaborative Forecasting & Insights 
Establish integrated business planning through synchronised forecasting processes. Develop, implement & manage collaborative forecasts.

Transformation - Empowering Users with Self-Service Business Intelligence
Enabling your end users to better analyze their data & draw complete results. Cultivate a culture that embraces data-informed decision-making. Align technology with the needs of your end users. 


FP&A - Creating Value Through Insight
Leverage financial planning & analysis to provide true business impact. Influence & support executives with data - guiding the organization through turbulent economic times.  

Transformation - Building a High-Performing Finance Team
Create a highly adaptive team while fostering a culture of creativity & innovation. Create a framework that rewards creativity, accuracy & development. Structuring finance teams for long-term success.

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Workshop - Next Generation Planning: Real-world case studies about integrated planning, analyst control & ownership, speed of planning, emphasis on future decisions & collaboration. 

Workshop - Transform Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning: Enable the freedom to operate at today’s accelerated pace of business with the latest capabilities. 

Workshop - Building a Successful Financial Performance Management System: Determining your objectives, finding the right tools for the job, and implementing your plan.

Workshop - Providing Better & Faster Information Through Predictive Analytics: Learn how leading companies are using predictive analytics to identify key drivers of business results. 


Panel Session - Where Next? The Future of Finance 
With such volatile markets, companies need to decide what comes next and where the finance function fits into the overall mission. 

Panel Session - Finance-Enabled Transformation: Positioning for Growth 
Discussing the people, process & technology challenges senior finance executives face. How to identify & implement transformation solutions & ultimately, how finance gained a seat at the table to transform the business. 


Networking & Coffee


FP&A - Optimizing the FP&A Dynamic: What if We’re the Problem? 
Keeping a team excited, motivated &positively aligned is challenging in a dynamic environment. Whatever your role in your FP&A team, you have a unique perspective that brings value to the enterprise. Are you moving your organization forward? 

Transformation - Catalyzing Change from the Finance Seat
How to successfully conduct financial transformation whilst promoting innovation within your global finance team(s).How to keep your finance function progressive and adopting a “growth mindset”. 


FP&A - Predicting the Unpredictable: Keeping FP&A Innovative 

A review of financial planning & analysis processes that you can implement to allow you to remain competitive in a fast-changing world. How to drive innovation from within. How to drive productivity and operational excellence.

Transformation - Digital & Organizational Transformation for Finance 
The role of finance in leading the organizational & digital transformation is critical; are you ready? Learn key strategic insights, strategies and techniques related to managing the changing world of digital transformation & learn how your finance team can help drive this transformation. 

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