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Aligning Your Company Missions
Making sure your company’s mission is delivered & met is imperative. During this presentation we’ll focus on how decision-making within the finance function impacts the wider organisation & how you can influence and impact your company’s mission through strategic financial control.


Leveraging Big Data to Revolutionalize the Finance Function
Understand the importance of leveraging big data analytics to draw strategic insights to revolutionize your finance function and enhance your business. 


The Role of the CFO: Finance Agility in the Digital Business Transformation 
Hear how CFOs and senior finance executives can harness technology-driven transformation to deliver greater business insights, efficiency & innovation during this demanding digital era. How can today’s finance leaders ensure they are at the forefront of digital transformation? How can finance leaders drive better performance management & business outcomes? 

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FP&A Sessions

Financial Transformation Sessions


FP&A - Advanced Predictive Analytics within FP&A
How using predictive analytics within the FP&A function can make for a smoother planning process with fewer discrepancies and more reliable insights. 

Transformation - Transformation Through Technology 

We'll discuss how the finance function can be scaled alongside the growth of the enterprise, and the importance of building teams with the correct skill sets. We will also discuss data-driven forecasting and how finance can take advantage of advanced business intelligence tools.


FP&A - Best Practices for Planning Excellence 
Executives that are looking at their planning processes may find that they are “doing the same thing over & over again”. While organizations are evolving and creativity is rising, planning processes are required to excel as well. We’ll provide insight on enhancing your planning methodologies.  

Transformation - The Never Ending Journey

Whether we’re upgrading financial systems, outsourcing transaction processing, transforming the planning process, or implementing data analytics in the cloud, transformation is an ongoing and endless series of sometimes large & sometimes small continuous process improvement projects. 

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Workshop - Next Generation Planning: Real-world case studies about integrated planning, analyst control & ownership, speed of planning, emphasis on future decisions & collaboration. 


Workshop - Transform Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning: Enable the freedom to operate at today’s accelerated pace of business with the latest capabilities. 

Workshop - Building a Successful Financial Performance Management System: Determining your objectives, finding the right tools for the job, and implementing your plan.

Workshop - Providing Better & Faster Information Through Predictive Analytics: Learn how leading companies are using predictive analytics to identify key drivers of business results. 


Panel - Where Next? The Future of Finance 
With such volatile markets, companies need to decide what comes next and where the finance function fits into the overall mission. 

Panel - Finance-Enabled Transformation Panel: Positioning for Growth 
Discussing the people, process & technology challenges senior finance executives face. How to identify & implement transformation solutions & ultimately, how finance gained a seat at the table to transform the business. 

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FP&A - Optimizing the FP&A Dynamic: What if We’re the Problem? 
Keeping a team excited, motivated &positively aligned is challenging in a dynamic environment. Whatever your role in your FP&A team, you have a unique perspective that brings value to the enterprise. Are you moving your organization forward? 

Transformation - Catalyzing Change from the Finance Seat
How to successfully conduct financial transformation whilst promoting innovation within your global finance team(s).How to keep your finance function progressive and adopting a “growth mindset”. 


FP&A - Why Driver-Based Planning Matters for Modern FP&A
Driver-based planning is an essential part of the FP&A armoury, enabling organizations to become quicker, more dynamic and agile in their planning and in responding to internal & external changes to the business environment. 

Transformation - Digital & Organizational Transformation for Finance 
The role of finance in leading the organizational & digital transformation is critical; are you ready? Learn key strategic insights, strategies and techniques related to managing the changing world of digital transformation & learn how your finance team can help drive this transformation. 

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