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Digital Transformation & The Role of The CFO
Digital transformation is the most profound dynamic affecting businesses and organizations today. It is the catalyst that creates new products, enhances current products, introduces new services, and often creates new ways to do business. The role of the CFO, as a partner in this journey, is critical in order to succeed during this transformation.



The Evolving Role of a CFO 
Organisations have evolved tremendously from their traditional structures, and so have functions within those organisations. Finance is no exception. The role of the function as seen by stakeholders, has undergone a significant transformation. The role of the CFO has evolved; and so have expectations from the function as a whole. Do we as CFOs fully understand and embrace this change?  What does this change of role mean for day-to-day work, what skills/competencies/capabilities do we need for that? What challenges does it pose to us as leaders of these organisations? 




Steering Business Performance in The Cognitive Era 
38 percent of CFOs singled out cognitive computing as one of the technologies most likely to transform their enterprises within the next few years*. Today’s CFOs must empower their organizations to use all forms of data - data you own, data you do not own, data from internal systems, data from external sources -  to spot opportunities and challenges. Through IBM's finance transformation journey and examples, this session explores why data-driven insights and performance management will provide the solid foundation to steering business in the cognitive era.

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CFO = Chief Finance Officer / Chief Future Officer 
With disruptive technological innovations, availability of adequate financing, and entrepreneurship going mainstream, the global business landscape is transforming significantly. In many industries, start-ups are starting to pose a major threat to the growth and even survival of large enterprises in mid to long term In this revolutionized global business landscape, the role of a CFO is under major transformation. The role of a CFO is now redefined to Chief Finance and Future Officer.



CFO's Roles in Driving Technology Innovation
A CFO can be one of the most powerful and valuable assets for a company that wants to galvanize and execute innovation. In this presentation you will learn how a managed approach to innovation can set your company on the path to success, and how the CFO’s unique set of skills and experience are strong complements to the process of innovation.

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Think Like a Chief Innovation Officer: Why CFO's Should Care About Technology Disruption 
What do leading companies in retail, transportation, healthcare, financial services, and entertainment all have in common? Their business models are being completely re-imagined by more agile and innovative disruptors. As a result, roles within the C-suite are evolving, and CFOs are not immune. This session is a rallying cry for CFOs to control and measure their organizations along 4 game-changers levers.



FP&A - during, and after, Digital Business Transformation. Does it have a Future? 
The world is changing! Will your finance function be a part of this change, or are we stuck in legacy roles and ways of working? We need to challenge the status quo and push for financial excellence. This closing panel session will focus on the improvements and achievements that contribute to (prolonged) success within a typical company’s finance function. Innovate & adapt!


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